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Episode 7

Published on:

25th May, 2019

Episode 6

Published on:

18th May, 2019

Episode 4

Published on:

10th Apr, 2019

Episode 3

Published on:

31st Mar, 2019

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About the Podcast

Mental Health and Me
Practical self-care and wellness tips to help other mental health sufferers and their loved ones cope.
Anxiety and depression have been plaguing me for years. I've had my ups, downs, and down so low I hit rock bottoms. This is my journey with mental health.

My hope is by putting it all out there, I might be able to help others see that they’re not alone. You'll hear positive anecdotes, inspirational messages, along with practical self-care and wellness tips to help you through your journey as well.

I hope you’ll find this podcast inspiring and encouraging. I cope, and maybe I can help lighten your load too.

About your host

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Jaclyn Brown

Welcome to Mental Health and Me, a safe place for people who suffer from mental illness, who want to learn to cope with it, to control it, and eventually overcome it.

My name is Jaclyn Brown and I am not a therapist. I am a mental health and wellness advocate and my experience comes from over 20 years of battling both depression and anxiety.

I have learned to manage my illness, and I want to help you manage yours as well.

If you’re looking for ways to fight and beat anxiety or depression, this is the place for you. If you’re looking to support someone with mental illness, this is the place for you.

We don’t have to struggle alone. We are in this together. Break the stigma surrounding mental health. Let’s talk about it.